Versace: A Touch of Luxury

Versace: A Touch of Luxury 0

What better way to accessorise your home than with a timeless piece of luxury? 

Gianni Versace, Italian luxury fashion designer renowned for his leather accessories, over the top designs and one of a kind gowns. Versace is a name that without a doubt, instantly takes you to another world; one of high end fashion and magnificence.

With a logo inspired by a Greek Goddess that commanded undying love; Versace has effectively made us feel the same way about his brand.

With an incredible eye for detail, Gianni Versace took his love of fashion to the home, reflecting his rich designs on fabrics, glassware and porcelain. 

Being one of our favourite designers, we just had to have some Versace of our own. 


From the gold detailing on top of the glassware, to the perfect patterning on the vase; these collectable items could transform your home in an instant. 

We're carried these trends through our showroom, with our new golden wall hangings and golden accessories, there is something for everyone here at Consignment 










  • Wendy Francis-Ching
BD Barcelona 'Showtime' Chair

BD Barcelona 'Showtime' Chair 0

What a glorious, iconic piece we are so lucky to be able to showcase.

‘Showtime’ is a collection designed by Jamie Hayton for BD Barcelona in 2007. Hayton is a Spanish artist and designer, born in Madrid. He begun working with BD Barcelona as early as age 24.

In this collection, Hayton explores the contrast between internal and external. Using materials such as leather, wood and plastic; Hayton has managed to find a very coherent balance between the three. His goal was to find ways where things that were not supposed to match, co-exist in elegance.

Above is more of Hayton’s work from his ‘Showtime’ collection.

This chair is available in our showroom at 2a Railway Street, New Market.

  • Wendy Francis-Ching
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